Beautiful French Press On Nails

If you are a fan of modern-day and complicated nail designs, you’ve likely heard of the famous French press on nails. This stunning manicure fashion has taken the splendor world by storm with its convenient beauty and versatility.

From celebrities to fashion icons, everybody is sporting those lovely nails. In this newsletter, we’ll dive deeper into what makes French press on nails unique and how to get the right look.

1: Glitter Pink French Press On Nails Review

Regarding convenience and style in nail fashion, the Glitter Pink French Press On Nails claims to offer a dazzling solution for women and girls looking to enhance their manicure experience. Here’s a thorough rundown of what to expect with these false nails.

Key Benefits and Features

Ease of Use: The quick application is undoubtedly a standout feature. Following the instructions, you can achieve a sparkling manicure in minutes, making it convenient for last-minute events or touch-ups.

Quality Material: These nails are made from ABS material, known for their strength and durability and being non-toxic for peace of mind regarding your health.

Customizability: Whether you want a coffin, stiletto, or simply squared nails, these press-ons are pliable to your desires. They can be filed and trimmed to replicate your desired look and feel.

Versatility for Events: Whether heading to the beach, a wedding, a dance, daily wear, or even a costume party, these nails cover all bases due to their dazzling pink glitter finish.

Gift-Ready: With their attractive packaging and complete set, these nails could make a thoughtful gift without the hassle of additional wrapping.

Application & Removal Process

The application instructions are clear and concise. Avoiding contact with water immediately after applying the nails is recommended for optimal adherence. Removal seems just as simple, with a warm water soak, easing the nails off gently.

2: KISS Everlasting French Press On Nails: A Real Short Review

KISS Everlasting French Nails is the go-to for an at-home salon-worthy manicure. But do they live up to the hype? In this review, I’ll detail my experience with these French press on nails, focusing on two crucial aspects that home manicurists often fret about: the ease of application and the naturalness of the end look.

Ease of Application

These nails have an uncomplicated application process, making them ideal for faux-nail novices and seasoned pros. The kit is intelligently packed with 28 French tip nails, pink gel glue, a mini file, and a manicure stick. The nails are numbered, ensuring you can match them to your natural nail size effortlessly.


No less important than the application is how these French press on nails come off. Foraging for nails under your sofa three days post-application defeats the whole purpose of week-long wear, right? To test out the removal method, I followed the instructions precisely. After trimming, filing, and soaking, the nails came off quickly. No nail casualties; I am happy to report!

Fair warning, though – don’t skip the soak; patience is vital to preserving your natural nails’ integrity. Yanking them off prematurely can cause damage, so resist the urge..

3: Salon Perfect Modern French Press On Nails – User Guide

Product Overview

Prepare to dazzle with the Salon Perfect Modern French Press On Nails, featuring an edgy black swirl on classical French tips. Combine high style with the ease of at-home application and achieve salon-quality results with this ultimate nail kit to enhance your nail experience.

Key Features

  • Modern French Tip Design: black swirl for a fashion-forward look.
  • Shapes & Finish: Medium stiletto shape with a gloss finish for head-turning elegance.
  • Kit Contents: 30 Nails, Nail File, Professional Nail Glue (2 g/net weight = 0.07 oz).
  • Superior Wear: Comfortable fit designed for lasting use.
  • Cuticle Flexibility: Customizable tips that offer a realistic and natural appearance.
  • Ease of Application: Simple steps to apply and remove without a hassle.

Application Instructions

  1. Prepare: Clean your natural nails thoroughly and lightly buff the surface for better adhesion.
  2. Choose a nail tip that fits your natural nails from the 30 pieces provided.
  3. Apply Glue: Dispense a thin, consistent layer of professional nail glue to the underside of the selected nail tip.
  4. Attach: Carefully align the nail tip over your natural nail and press down firmly, holding for 10–15 seconds to ensure secure attachment.
  5. Customize: Trim the nails to your preferred length and file them into your favorite shape.

Removal Instructions

  • Warm Water Method: Soak your nails in heat and soapy water and gently wiggle them to loosen the adhesive bond.
  • Acetone Method: Soak your nails in acetone until the adhesive dissolves completely. Remember, this method may take longer and should be your choice if the warm water trick doesn’t work.

4: Levamdar French Press on Nails Review

There’s something exquisite about perfectly manicured nails, and the Levamdar French Press on Nails promises just that—with the added convenience of doing it yourself at home. So, with their glossy finish and easy application, these fake nails seem promising, right? But are they worth the hype? I’ve tried them out, and here’s my honest take.

Key Benefits and Features

High-Quality Material

The Levamdar French Press on nails is made from premium acrylic, which gives them a sturdy and durable feel. Unlike some flimsy press-on nails that feel like they could bend or snap at any moment, these nails hold their shape and resist wear commendably.

Convenient Sizing

Fitting is often the biggest hurdle with press-on nails, but Levamdar has tackled it head-on. With standard sizing that caters to most nail beds, finding a size that fits comfortably to your natural nails is a breeze.

Easy Application

The entire cover design was a total lifesaver for me. The application process was easy and hassle-free, as needed when rushing for an event or can’t commit to a lengthy nail routine.

5: Perfectly French Medium Square French Press On Nails

Product Details:

Glam up your hands with Perfectly French Medium Square French Press On Nails. These chic and elegant nails are a modern twist on the classic French manicure and a perfect fit for any discerning fashionista.

Key Features:

  • Style: A striking combination of a pearlescent off-white base with a bold black tip invites admiration for its simple yet sophisticated design.
  • Quantity: Comes in 24 pieces in 12 different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for each fingernail.
  • Sizes: range from size 0 (23mm) to size 11 (15mm), catering to diverse nail sizes.
  • Shape: The nails are crafted into a medium square shape, a timeless and versatile choice that complements any look.
  • Nail Kit Included: A comprehensive kit containing a mini nail file, alcohol pad, glitter cuticle pusher, nail glue, press-on nail tabs, and a reclosable storage pouch.


  • Salon Quality
  • Quick and straightforward to apply
  • Effortless removal
  • No, I am waiting around for drying time.
  • Long-wearing formula for extended style
  • Chip-resistant for a flawless look day after day
  • Peel-proof design to maintain a pristine appearance


The Nail House NH – where exquisite design meets nail salon perfection at home.

To Remove:

  1. Soften the nails by soaking them in nail polish remover.
  2. Gently lift away the nail using a cuticle stick, avoiding damage to your natural nails.
  3. For professional removal, use nail glue remover (not included).

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