Beautiful Jelly Gel Nail Polishes for 2024

Ready for the trendiest nail polish sun shades of 2024? Check out these jelly gel nail polishes that everybody loves. Whether you choose bright, formidable colours or tender pastels, there may be a great colour for every event and style. Here are the top jelly gel nail polishes making waves in 2024.

Are you curious about this season’s most up-to-date shades? We’ve got the scoop on why those colours are necessary for any nail lover. Our curated choice will elevate your nail recreation from hanging bolds to subtle beauty.

But this is just the start of our dive into 2024’s jelly gel nail polish fashion. Follow us as we explore each colouration’s charm, showcased by top nail artists and influencers. Get equipped to be inspired and discover your preferred look among this month’s freshest nail developments!

1. Born Pretty Jelly Gel Nail Polish 6PCS Neon Garden

Take your nail art to the next level with the Born Pretty Jelly Gel Nail Polish 6PCS Neon Garden set. It’s the perfect mix of style and cool new tech, giving you that jelly gel magic at your fingertips. The Neon Garden collection is your go-to if you’re all about making a statement. It gives you that shiny, glassy look that’s stunning and tough as nails.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Pop with Neon: For a standout look, dive into bright greens, yellows, hot pinks, reds, blues, and purples.
  • Jelly Gel Magic: Get that crystal-clear, glassy vibe different from your usual polish.
  • Stays On and On: With the right base and top coat, you can rock a high-gloss shine for 21+ days.
  • Kind to You: It’s made with care, without nasty chemicals, and easy on the nose.
  • Play with Layers: Use one, two, or three layers to switch up the intensity of the jelly effect. Make it yours.
  • The Perfect Prezzie: Have you got a birthday, holiday, or something special coming up? This is your go-to gift.

Your Guide to Jelly Perfection

Unboxing the Neon Garden

Check out this cool set! It’s got six 7-ml bottles of Born Pretty’s awesome ice jelly gel nail polish. They’re all about that 30% ice jelly vibe, giving your nails a cool, translucent look with a touch of neon colour. It’s totally perfect for rocking at any time of the year.

Effortless Application, Lasting Impact

Say goodbye to those endless salon trips! Born Pretty Jelly Gel Nail Polish makes your life easier with its smooth application and seriously long-lasting wear—we’re talking 21+ days of perfect nails. It’s super durable, and the colours pop, so you can rock amazing, shiny nails without all the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

A Healthy Shine

This gel polish set isn’t just about looking desirable; it’s also about keeping your nails healthy. Made with non-poisonous substances, it is first-rate safe and minimizes nail damage. Perfect for home use, you’ll get a salon-quality look without any worries. It’s a great pick for nail art lovers, no matter your skill level!

Uniquely Yours, Effortlessly Beautiful

Whether a casual nail polish fan or a seasoned nail artist, you’ll love the Born Pretty Jelly Gel Nail Polish set in Neon Garden. The cool jelly formula lets you get super creative with your designs, making your nails pop fresh and playfully.

2. Noirwhite’s Jelly Gel Nail Polish 


Check out the hottest nail trend for 2024 – Noirwhite’s Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set! Forget the old-school polishes and dive into the incredible, sheer magic of the jelly effect that everyone’s talking about. Trust me, you’ll want to try this game-changing set if staying on-trend is your thing.

The Jelly Effect: A Glistening Innovation

Noirwhite’s Jelly Gel Nail Polish revolutionizes nail fashion with its unique syrupy texture, resembling stained glass for nails. An exclusive set of 12 glossy, trendy colours, ranging from nudes to neon, allows for versatile looks. Apply up to three layers for varying intensities, perfect for any style.

Safe, Long-lasting, and Kind to Your Nails

These gel polishes, made with natural resin and healthy ingredients, are toxin-free and odourless, ensuring nail safety. Their premium formula guarantees a durable jelly manicure lasting over 21 days without peeling, offering intense pigmentation for a long-lasting, brilliant shine.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Noirwhite’s Jelly Gel Nail Polish Kit is the perfect unique and thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. It invites you to explore trendy nail art.

DIY Nail Art at Your Fingertips

This gel polish set makes professional-quality nail art easy and cost-effective at home, even for DIY beginners. With simple application and removal, remember to cure under a UV/LED lamp and shake well for the best results. A patch test is advised for compatibility.

3. GAOY Rose Garden Jelly Gel Nail Polish: 

Ready to fall head over heels for your nails? Check out the GAOY Rose Garden Jelly Gel Nail Polish Kit! It’s like rocking a rose garden on your fingertips. Perfect for anyone who loves a touch of elegance, this kit is changing the game. This fabulous sheer gel formula lets you experiment with everything from a light touch to full-on opaque looks.

Unveil the Beauty of Rose Garden

Check out the GAOY Rose Garden Jelly Gel Nail Polish Kit! It’s got 6 fabulous translucent shades, from nude to red, pink, and even brown. It gives off those English rose garden vibes, making your nails warm and romantic. Pretty cool, huh?

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Item Form: High-quality Gel for a smooth application
  • Colour Palette: Inspired by the Rose Garden—Nude, Red, Pink, and Brown colours
  • Finish Type: Glossy finish that mirrors the morning dew on petals
  • Longevity: Enjoy a durable manicure lasting up to 4 weeks
  • Material Type Free: Lead-free formulation for safe, long-term wear
  • Special Features: The shear formula allows for buildable colour intensity
  • Included Components: Everything needed for salon-quality nail art at home
  • Non-Toxic: Crafted with your health in mind, free from harmful chemicals
  • Ease of Use: Cure with UV light for 60 seconds for a flawless dry

Beautifully Long-Lasting

GAOY Rose Garden Jelly Gel Nail Polish is a game-changer! It keeps your nails looking glossy and perfect for up to four weeks. Use the suitable base and top coats; you’ll never need a touch-up.

A Symphony of Sheer Elegance

This versatile gel polish kit lets you mix and match layers for any colour intensity, from soft tints to bold shades. It’s perfect for matching your mood or style!

Perfect for DIY Enthusiasts and Professionals Alike

This nail artwork package is a game-changer, whether you’re a pro nail artist or a DIY lover. It comes with remarkable smooth commands so you can nail that easy, salon-quality gel nail trimming at home.

Caring for Your Nails

Check out GAOY’s Rose Garden Jelly Gel Nail Polish! Its non-toxic, lead-free formula keeps your nails healthy. Want your mani to last longer? Give your nails a quick buff before applying to prevent peeling and ensure better adhesion.

4. Beetles Gel Polish Nail Set: Your Ultimate Manicure Kit

Check out the Beetles Gel Polish Nail Set! It’s an awesome six-piece set with Candy Sweet Colors that’ll totally take your manicure game to the next level. It’s more than just nail polish—it’s like a party for your nails, turning them into amazing art pieces.

Why Choose Beetles Gel Polish Nail Set?

The Hottest Colors of the Season

Dive into the luxury of the 6 hottest Jelly Gel nail polish shades with our Candy Sweet Colors Collection. With these transparent, sweet jelly colours, imagine your nails looking like glazed doughnuts! These polishes are perfect for any event and will ensure you always stand out with their stylish and versatile hues.

Safe, Glossy, and Long-Wearing Shine

Check out the Beetles Gel Polish Nail Set! It’s all about rocking your fashion while preserving your health. With its nine Toxins-Free formulations, you won’t have to worry about nasty smells. Plus, it is non-poisonous, doesn’t contain alcohol, and gives your nails an excellent look that lasts up to three weeks.

The perfect gift for Every Occasion

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Check out the Beetles Gel Polish Nail Set! It’s super chic and thoughtful, perfect for any occasion. Plus, it comes in beautiful packaging to show your loved ones how much you care.

Safety First

Beauty shouldn’t risk your health. Our gel polishes are made to keep allergic reactions low, but please read the instructions and do a skin test before using. Be careful not to get it in your eyes, mouth, or skin, and keep it away from kids. 

5. GAOY Milky White x Jelly Nude Gel Nail Polish Set

Check out the GAOY Milky White x Jelly Nude Gel Nail Polish Set! It’s like bringing the salon to your home with six fabulous transparent pink and orange shades. Perfect for stepping up your nail art game.

Why Choose GAOY Milky White x Jelly Nude Gel Nail Polish Set?

  • Versatile Sheer Gel Polish: Want to switch up your look? This set lets you layer up from a barely-there clear to a full-on opaque finish. Just layer up, cure under a UV light for 60 seconds, and you’re all done – dry, flawless nails ready to go.
  • Everything You Need: This kit packs six colours, each with 0.25 fl. oz (7.3ml). It’s the perfect starter set for anyone diving into nail art at home. Time to get creative!
  • No Nasties Formula: Our gel polishes don’t just look good; they’re kinder to your nails, too. They’re formulated to smell less and meet strict safety standards. Because who says beauty has to be a pain?
  • Lasts for Ages: Imagine not worrying about your nails for up to four weeks. With the proper prep—buffing and base and top coats—you’ll have tough, chip-resistant nails that last.
  • Pro Tips for Extra Mileage: Want your gel manicure to last even longer? Buff your nails lightly before applying. This little trick makes a big difference, keeping your nails looking fresh for longer.

Check out GAOY’s Milky White x Jelly Nude Gel Nail Polish Set! It’s got this fantastic shimmery finish and is made from non-toxic stuff, so you’re getting a healthier manicure without any lead.

Whether you’re into doing your nail art or a pro, this set is perfect for sparking creativity and has covered you for all sorts of looks.

6. MIZHSE Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set Review and Buying Guide

Check out the MIZHSE Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set to amp up your style game! It’s all about rocking your individuality with elegance. This set isn’t just about looking good; it’s safe, lasts long, and changes the nail art scene.

Safety and Durability Combined

The MIZHSE Jelly Gel Nail Polish is kind to the environment and your nails. It’s made from natural resin and free from nasty toxins, and it smells way less than others. Plus, it’s super durable, perfecting for over 21 days without chipping or peeling.

A Spectrum of Translucency

The MIZHSE Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set shines in versatility. You can look subtle or layer it up for something more opaque. It’s all about adding depth to make your nails pop and turn heads.

Seamless Application and Removal

The MIZHSE nail set is simple and elegant, perfect for newbies and pros. Applying and taking off is a breeze, giving you salon-quality nails right at home. No more spending a fortune at the salon! It’s all about getting creative and enjoying the convenience.

Express Yourself in 12 Shades

Check out this 12-color set! It’s packed with 7-ml sheer jellies that match any mood, outfit, or event. Whether for daily vibes, date nights, or parties, it’s the perfect elegant gift for the amazing women in your life.

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